Virtual Resume

Jaspreet Heer

Academic SMART Goal

S: By the end of grade 11 I would like to make the honor role.

M: I will ask my teacher for frequent mark updates along with figuring out my own average with each marks I get to keep track of my mark. I will do this for each of my 4 classes each semester to know what areas I would need to improve in.

A: I am strong in science, gym, and art so by maintaining my skills in those subjects I would be close to achieving my goal. For areas that I am not as strong in like English, and math I will ask my teacher for help when needed and pay more attention in class which I sometimes struggle with. I also struggle with staying awake in class because I stay up late playing video games often. By going to sleep earlier, I would be more awake and alert in class thus improving my mark. I often do my homework so by maintaining that good habit I will be one step closer to achieving my goal.

R: This goal is realistic as I get very close to an 80% average every year. I believe I can do this with all the changes and improvements I plan on making next year. Another reason I think I can achieve this goal is because I am switching from a mainly academic semester to a mainly applied/college level semester. This should make it easier and make achieving my goal a lot easier. This goal is important as making the honor role will make my chances of getting into the college I want to go to a lot higher.

T: I will have 2 semesters t complete my goal. With a schedule I plan to make, this would be easy. To achieve this goal I have smaller goals like paying more attention in class, listening more, and sleeping earlier. If I achieve all these smaller goals I would likely be able to achieve my main goal of getting an 80% average in grade 11.

Volunteering SMART Goal

S: By the end of the grade 10 summer break I would like to get all of my 40 volunteering hours required to graduate at .

M: I will set a schedule and do a certain amount of volunteering hours each day. By sticking to that schedule I will easily be able to measure and track my goal. With a schedule I would easily be able to measure how many volunteering hours I will have completed and how many more I will need.

A: I will go to Jagmeet singhs office and ask him to get me volunteering opportunities. Jagmeet's assistants have come to my house before to present volunteering opportunities. They said that they have a huge need for volunteers so I will pretty much be instantly accepted. They have a variety of jobs for volunteering including promoting Jagmeet Singh. I will sleep on time and eat healthy so that I am able to wake up on time and work my best when I am volunteering.

R: By sticking to my schedule I can achieve this goal easily and quickly. This is a realistic goal as I need my 40 volunteering hours to graduate and this is an easy way to get them. By getting my volunteering hours early I can focus more on my studies later on when they are going to matter a lot more. Jagmeet is always in need of volunteers and always finds volunteering opportunities for people if he doesn't have any so this is very realistic and doable.

T: I will achieve this goal during summer break this year which is 2 months. I will volunteer for about 40 minutes a day and 5 days a week so that I am not over working myself. Sleeping on time, and eating healthier are two smaller goals that will help me achieve my main goal of getting my 40 volunteering hours during summer break.

Transitions and Change

My Resume

Jaspreet Heer

102 Mainard Crescent, Brampton, Ontario, L6R2T9


I am an energetic individual with a strong passion for flying and am looking for an opportunity to show my skills with an airline.


  • Louise Arbour Secondary School, OSSD, Brampton, Ontario, September 2014 - June 2017

  • Brampton Flight Centre, IATPL pilots License and college diploma, Brampton, Ontario, September 2018 - August 2019

Work Experience

  • Employee at gas station, First place where I got work experience, Fontana, California, July 2015 - August 2016

  • Mcdonalds Cashier, Gained a lot of work experience and learned to work under pressure, Brampton, Ontario, June 2017 - August 2019


  • Member of a Sikh sports club soccer team for 3 years, Won a trophie and 2 medals, June 2008 - June 2011

  • Member of Bhangra team, won a medal, gained dancing skills, and gained confidence, June 2010 - July 2011

Volunteer Experience

  • Jagmeet Singh's office, 40 hours of Volunteering for Jagmeet Singh, Brampton, Ontario, June 2016 - August 2016

Skills and Abilities

  • Proficient with Microsoft word, power point, and photoshop

  • Proficient with computers and computer hardware

  • Honest

  • responsible

  • kind, respectful

  • hard working


  • Graduated from Lougheed middle school, September 2012

  • Featured in newspaper and talked about on TV for convincing Ruby Sahota (MP) about increasing funding for public transportation, September 2012

  • Graduated from Louise Arbor Secondary School, September 2012

  • Achieved IATPL pilots license, September 2012


  • Commercial Pilots License, August 2019

Hobbies and Interests

  • Talking and being around freinds

  • Playing flight simulator

  • Playing Basketball

  • upgrading and testing computers

  • Watching movies


Pilot Challenges And Solutions

One challenge that pilots face is having to deal with sleep and jet lag. Pilots can start working at 9:00pm and finish work at 9:00am which is very difficult for someone like me. There is one work rule that allows pilots to work 16 hours without break. Having to work long hours and working when you are very tired is a big obstacle for me. Sleep is very important as a pilot, as you can make wrong decisions and have corrupt judgement when you are tired. One thing I can do to better deal with this is practice sleeping during the day now when I am young which would make it easier in the future. Another thing I can do is walk around and be active during breaks to get my blood pumping and help keep me active and awake. The third thing I can rely on is drinking caffeine drinks which would also help keep me awake.

Another challenge for pilots is that they can sometimes undergo extreme stress and they need to deal with that. When you are a pilot, the lives of your passengers are in your hands. The fact that if you make the slightest mistake up in the air with all your passengers lives in your hands can be very stressful. An airline pilot is ranked as the third most stressful job according to Career Cast. Some sources of stress for a pilot other the passengers lives include fatigue, working hours, jet lag, and unpredicted harsh weather. Pilots need to be mentally strong to handle a $70,000,000 aircraft along with hundreds of passengers but they are still human and stress can affect them. One way that I would be able to deal with stress is practicing stress control sessions in a simulator which would help me stay more calm and prepared for if that situation happens in real life. This has been proven by researchers to work and reduce stress. Another strategy that has been proven to work is incorporate more physical activity into my free time. If I suffer from extreme stress the last resort for me would be to go talk to my doctor or go to a psychologist and ask them for advice.

Another challenge for a pilot is dealing with pressure. When you have the lives of hundreds of passengers in your hand, a one hundred million dollar aircraft in your hand, and your reputation as a pilot in your hand it’s a lot to take in and it can cause a lot of pressure on yourself. Pressure caused a young co-pilot of a small German wings aircraft to intentionally crash the aircraft. This shows the severity of what pressure can do to a pilot. Pilots are pressured by many things from using less fuel to changing flight plans because of weather. I have never been too good at working under pressure but I feel I can improve on that. One way I could deal with this is by not thinking about too much at once and thinking less. This would reduce the things that trigger pressure and leave me more calm and relaxed. I can also talk to a more wise and experienced pilot on tips for dealing with pressure. I can think differently about what’s pressuring me and try and think of it as being less negative which has also been proven to work.