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Up and Coming...

Upcoming Dates


  • September 8th - Welcome Back!!!
  • September 11th - Patriot Day (Red, White, and Blue)
  • September 14th - Emergency Plans Due to Front Office
  • September 22nd - Grade Level Meeting
  • September 23rd - TR Back to School Night - 7 p.m.


  • October 5th - 9th - Week of Respect
  • October 8th - TTBD Anti-Bullying Assembly
  • October 9th - I&RS
  • October 28th - 2nd Grade PLC - Full Day
  • October 29th - 3rd Grade PLC - Full Day
  • October 30th - Halloween Parade - 1:30 p.m.

Chain of Command

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Please be Sure to Adhere to the Chain of Command

  • As per Mr. Eitner, it is imperative that you follow the Chain of Command
  • If you have a problem that needs to be resolved, speak to me first.
  • Mr. Eitner will not honor or listen to requests that haven't followed the proper procedures.

Wellness Policy Update

· The policy has been updated.

· Birthday celebrations will occur once a month in the cafeteria.

· No homemade foods will be permitted.

· Foods provided for curriculum and celebrations:

· Sugar cannot be first ingredient

· No candy is allowed

· Foods of minimal nutritional value are not accepted

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504 Committee and Teachers

  • I will have a list of students who have a 504 and you will be notified of any child/ren in your class who have a 504.
  • You must adhere to the accommodations
  • All 504 reviews will take place at the end of September

Teacher Evaluations

  • Teacher evaluations will begin at the end of September or early October
  • The first round will be announced requiring a pre-conference

Take Time to Laugh...

I hope you enjoy this video clip. We all know we often don't receive the credit we deserve...but what if we did?
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