My Kid Hates Reading

How to Encourage Lifelong Readers

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High Interest Books

Nobody likes being forced to read something that isn't interesting, even adults. For struggling readers, they often aren't interested in what they are being told to read. Take your child to a bookstore and library and have them find anything that interests them. Legos? Minecraft? Ponies?

At first, don't worry if it isn't the right reading level, what is important is for you to discover your child's interests. Read the book they select together if it is too hard for them to read on their own. What is important at first is to have your child excited and interested in reading.

A Special Place for Reading

When children come home from school, afternoons become busy! For successful reading at home, you and your child need to find a quiet place with minimal distractions. Don't cook dinner or do the laundry while your child is reading. Commit this special time for just them, and for just reading. Stick to a routine, so that your child knows that when they are in this special place, it's reading time.

Praise Everyday Reading

Many young readers lack confidence in reading as they are building their accuracy skills. It can be exhausting to sound out every word in a book. When out with your child, praise them for things they can read, whether that be a road sign, McDonalds on the street, the box of cereal they eat for breakfast, or an upcoming movie at the local theater. "Hey! You just read that sign. Way to go!" Simple praise is bound to get a smile on their face and boost their self-confidence in reading.