A Long Journey

Global Studies

Roman Architecture

Both formal architecture like temples and basilicas and its attractive buildings like bridges and the aqueducts played important roles in becoming a united empire. one of the main attractions is the Basilica Ulpia which is a court house. Many of the cities have an amphitheaters which is a arenas that serves as where the romans entertained their public.


Pompeii is a roman city which was destroyed by the eruption of volcano of Mount Vesuvius. The city and its populace and buildings were preserved under its ashes (including skeletons).

Marcus Anthony

Marcus was a general in Julius Caesar army. Julius was Marcus's mother's cousin which made them second cousins. After Caesars death, he had an affair with Cleopatra and they had twins. Marcus had to leave Cleopatra and the twins to go back to Rome to deal with the aftermath of his wife and brother in laws failed rebellion against Octavian. As the result of there separation Cleopatra and Marcus both committed suicide.

St.Peters Basilica

St.Peters Basilica is the largest Christian church. St.Peter was the first pope who died there. in the middle of the15th century Nicholas the fifth order a restoration and enlargement of the church. nothing was done to the church for a half a century until pope Julius the second decided to build a whole new church in 1506