Time To Let Go

by Lurene Mc. Daniel

what i like and who the main Characters are

this is about a girl named Erin and she has a sister named Amy, they are total opposites. Erin loves to dance she even got a scholarship to collage for dance. Amy on the other hand she wants to become a actress and she was really good at it to, lets just say if Amy didn't want to do choirs she got her mom to get Erin to do them. i like Erin because she don't let anyone get in her way or let her down but i like Amy because she isn't afraid to embarrass her self but just expresses her self.that is what I liked about the book and the two main characters. lexile= 710L

about the book

Amy and Erin are in a play together with another school, one night the other school decided to have a water gun fight after the show but they ran out of drinks so Erin was suppose to go get then but amy insisted that she did she when she left it had been over 5 hours and Erin got worried so they went to go look for her when they got back Erin soon realized something was wrong her mom called saying amy got in a huge accident it was a rare chance with her living if she died what would Erin do. Find out if amy lives or died in the story if she dies then how will Erin understand that or if she lives she would be mentality wrong you will be on the end of your chair every word you read find out happens to amy and Erin in a touching story by Darlene McCarthy. Daniel.