How to Help Your Child

Understanding and Labeling Their Emotions

Helping your Child

Does your child know how to label her emotions? Well, if not then this article is to help expand your childs emoptional vocabulary. Teaching your child about her emotions can be a fun and rewarding experience and prevent challenging behavior from occurring in the first place.

Try This At Home!

If your child is super excited about something and you are trying to teach them different words for being happy, simply tell them: "You look excited! I can tell by your eyes!" Other ways to teach your child new words is to state how others are feeling like: "Look at that little boy, he is really angry. See his hands in a fist and his face all red?"

Practicing at School!

Talk with your childs teacher to see how they are teaching your child about emotions at school. Many emotions are seen and experienced at school, so with adult help they can help teach children different types of emotions. Another way is through books. Books can help show children what different emotions look like through the pictures!