From the Facilitator's Desk

Important Information and Updates 9-4

A Note from the Facilitator

It's Friday and a long weekend is on the horizon. You made it through the first 10 days of school full of rules, routines, and teaching. After Labor Day, all of the hard core instruction is going to take place along with many assessments to determine where our students are and where we need to take them. According to the pre-assessments, a lot of adjustments in instruction must be made to get students where they need to go sooner rather than later! We must make sure that we are teaching students standards collectively rather than in isolation so that they are able to take the information and analyze, synthesize, and evaluate more and more each day. Planning sessions have been very collaborative and teams are working together to adjust instruction to meet the needs of all students. Kudos to you! Your hard work is greatly appreciated. A special thank you to the connect team for helping second grade with arranging time to plan. A special shout out to Lavergne, Railton, and Cassam for their PD leadership. Many of you have started to incorporate close reading and Number Talks into your lessons. Remember, this is an expectation throughout the building. I have attached close reading and Number Talks videos below for you to view. Thanks so much for your hard work and dedication. Have a happy and restful Labor Day.

This Week's Recap

Great planning sessions!

  • Grades 4-5 could have started leveling students. If you have students below a level L, please email me their names so that I can assess them.
  • Make sure to have a meeting area in your room for Interactive Read Aloud and Minilessons. This helps keep students engaged and focused on you.
  • Checkpoints are going well and are aligned to what students are going to be expected to do at the end of the cycle. Kudos to you!
  • I have levels for instructional assistant groups. If your team has not given me names of students, please do so as soon as possible. I also need names for connect support.
  • Connect Support is slated to start the week of Sept. 14th. Logistics are being worked out. Thanks so much for your patience and thank you connect team for being flexible.
  • Teams have looked through TRC books, rubrics, and exemplars and have made adjustments if needed. Please look to make sure you have all pages. Let me know if you do not.

On the Horizon- Next Week 9-8

-Intervention Team-Do you have any red flags? Start the PEP process. Get a baseline and 6 weeks worth of interventions. For K-2, document all information on a piece of paper since the PEP is on the report card.

-Do you have students that you think will need a PEP! Don't wait until the last minute.

-Start thinking about curriculum night. Come up with a plan and make sure to have a power point!

-Look at checkpoint data and discuss reteach and enrichment opportunities.

-BOG3 and Reading 3-D starts next week! Hit the ground running! The window goes by fast!

3rd Grade-Read to Achieve

Read to Achieve

· Portfolio boxes have not been shipped out to schools. NCTOPS is waiting for the budget to be finalized. The 15-16 portfolio will consist of the same passages as last year plus the reading camp passages that were posted on the TNN in June. The instructional passages will be the same as last year. Once the budget is finalized, the portfolio guide will be finalized and the new 15-16 boxes will be shipped.

· Parent Resources:
There is a narrated parent video (references to PEPs have been removed), a sample parent letter, and a parent brochure available to help parents understand Read to Achieve. These resources can be found on the Read to Achieve parent livebinder:

Charlotte Reading Association

Interested in being a part of the Charlotte Reading Association? Sign up below!


Please click the link "Grades 3-5 Assessment Information-Cycle Assessments". This will take you to the Google Drive to access the cycle assessments.

Lesson Idea of the Week-Character Change Timeline

Many grade levels are working on character changes and how they change from the beginning to the end of the story. A great way to help students with this skill is to have them track the changes in a timeline. Students will write the page number, how the character is feeling and why. As the character changes, students will document the change, page number, and why. The student will continue to do this throughout the story until they get to the end. They can then use the timeline to determine the feelings of the characters based on the changes.

Video Resources

There were some technical difficulties during PD this week. I have uploaded the videos. Please take time to watch them. They are short, but will help you to get an idea of what Number Talks and close reading looks like.
Close Reading: An Instructional Strategy for Conquering Complex Text
Math Solutions Number Talks 2 2 Addition 16+15
3rd Grade Number Talks 2015
5th grade division number talk
2015 08 28 08 22 KEA Harrison Jolly

Kindergarten KEA Webinar

Kindergarten Teachers-Please view the KEA webinar above to get familiar with the process. We will talk more about this during planning. Please make sure you can log in!