August 1619, 20 african captives were brought to jamestown

the shipment of African Americans to

Tuesday, Aug. 20th 1619 at 9pm

Jamestown, Virginia, United States

Jamestown, VA

Arrival of "20 and odd" Africans in late August 1619, not aboard a Dutch ship as reported by John Rolfe, but an English warship, White Lion, sailing with a letters of marque issued to the English Captain Jope by the Protestant Dutch Prince Maurice, son of William of Orange. A letters of marque legally permitted the White Lion to sail as a privateer attacking any Spanish or Portuguese ships it encountered. The 20 and odd Africans were captives removed from the Portuguese slave ship, San Juan Bautista, following an encounter the ship had with the White Lion and her consort, the Treasurer, another English ship, while attempting to deliver its African prisoners to Mexico. Rolfe's reporting the White Lion as a Dutch warship was a clever ruse to transfer blame away from the English for piracy of the slave ship to the Dutch.


No, they obviously didn't and there were many battles before and after that day,

battles lost and won by the frican americans

they had to submit at some point because they were also threatened that if they won't cooperate their enemies will receive advanced weapons