5th Grade Newsletter

March 24, 2017

5th Grade STAAR Reminders

Math STAAR – Tuesday, March 28th

Reading STAAR – Wednesday, March 29th


· Plenty of sleep the night before and, don’t forget a delicious, nutritious breakfast!

· Pack a sack lunch and snack. Gum and mints are welcome.

· No devices, including smart watches. If one must be brought to school, it will be safely stored at the front office until the end of the day.

· If you need to contact your child or a teacher, please call the front office.

· Bring a book.

· Send a light jacket or sweater in case they get cold in the room.

· Students who take medicine regularly should take it as usual.

· Also, no parents are allowed past the main doors on STAAR days as testing is in all parts of the building, including rooms off of the front office.

Summer Reading to Prepare for 6th Grade

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Upcoming Important Dates

March 28 - Math STAAR

March 29 - Reading STAAR

March 30 - Report cards go home

March 31 - Chess Club

April 11 - Drama Club: Snow White @ 8:30 am & 6:30 pm

April 14 & 17 - No School

Other News

Curriculum for the Week of March 27th

Math - Math Strategies

Science - Adaptations

Reading - Reading Strategies

Writing - Publish Ecosystems Projects

Social Studies - Great Depression