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  • 02/14: Buddy Friendship Salad (See below for more information and CLICK HERE to donate items needed!)
  • 02/17: Spirit Day: Show Your True Colors - Second Graders wear BLUE
  • 02/17: Talent Show (6:00-8:00 pm at the NP3 Gym)
  • 02/20-02/24: No School: President's Week
  • 03/02: WAVE Board Meeting (6:30 pm on the DP campus)
  • 03/03: Night Under the Stars (6:00 pm on the grassy field on the Del Paso Campus)
  • 03/06: Lottery Night
  • 03/09: WAVE Coffee Talk (9:00 am on the DP Campus)
  • 03/09: WCS Board Meeting (6:30 pm on the PW campus)
  • 03/13-03/17: Parent Teacher Conference Week - Early Dismissal All Week
  • 03/14: People Who Made a Difference Living Wax Museum
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Our Highlights: What We've Been Rockin' At!

We have been researching about our Difference Maker and begun writing our biographies. We will continue to read and identify important information, use our own words and paraphrase, grasp non-fiction text features both digitally and in books, find the main idea, and use all of the non-fiction text features to help us better understand a biography and also to write one.

In Math, we have been reinforcing our understanding of what it means to regroup and why we would "group it again differently" to help us. You can continue to reinforce this strategy at home by adding and subtracting using pennies, dimes, and dollars (pennies are like ones because they are worth one cent, dimes worth 10 cents are like a ten's stick, and a dollar is similar to a hundred's block since 1 dollar is equal to one hundred cents. We need to regroup to add and subtract and can change the grouping of them. All you need to do is pull out some money to work on three-digit adding and subtracting.

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Rockin' and Rollin' into the Future!

Math: We will be continuing to strengthen our skills in regrouping in addition and subtraction, using money: adding and subtracting cents, and how to add and subtract using decimals.

Reading: We will continue to read about non-fiction text features, reading biographies in our guided reading groups, and reading for information while we research our difference maker.

Writing: Students will be working on writing non-fiction components of their biography book about their Difference Maker. We will be finishing up our timelines as well as finishing our first draft of our writing portion.

Social Studies: People Who Made a Difference Unit. Students research Difference Makers and how they made a positive difference in the world.

Spelling: Click for the Spelling Word List and Challenge Word List

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Questions to ask your child...

  • What is your opening hook like for your biography? Why did you choose to use that style for a hook?
  • What two events did you find important in the childhood of the person who you are researching?
  • What are some of the elements of the costume you would like to wear for when you are act as your Difference Maker?
  • Why would we regroup? When would it make sense to regroup?
  • What is the difference when regrouping in addition and regrouping in subtraction?
  • Have you answered the Math Monday problem? Click Here to answer it!
2.8.17 Joyful Learning CVIA - YouTube

Resources and Readings:

  • has a ton of great mathematical understanding and reasoning games. Have your Rock Star check out their newest game of How Much, How Many? to work on greater than, less than, word problem key words, quick adding and subtracting, and reading the directions correctly. Each round gets harder and quicker!
  • Does your child have responsibilities at home? The concept of jobs at home that helps everyone in the family (not for money) is one that builds individual responsibility, a sense of belonging to the family, an understanding of teamwork, and the learning of life skills they need as they grow up. Here's a list of age-appropriate chrores that children can do at home. Remember not to give chores by gender (empower your girls to take our the trash and your boys to wash dishes, too) and make sure to rotate chores so that everybody gets a chance to do and learn each skill and can remember that your children can teach eachother how to accomplish tasks correctly after they have already had that job.
  • Love putting your kids to bed, but not always enthused by reading a bedtime story?There's a podcast for that! The Story Time Podcast is just under 20 minutes. It also works great for a drive to the grandparents (or anywhere you might be traveling that is about 20 minutes).
  • Love to read? Check out the book Creating Innovators: The Making of Young People Who Will Change the World by Tony Wagner! He describes how to foster play, passion, and purpose within children, which he argues are the fundamentals that one needs to become an innovator.

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