Supporting Numeracy Skills

NZEI Teacher Aide workshop. 12th June 2013.

Rating the session.

10 Teacher Aides filled in feedback forms, and rated Willow Education as follows (3 = very good, 4 = excellent):

Facilitators' punctuality - 100% rated it excellent

Facilitators' presentation - 100% rated it excellent

Materials used - 100% rated them excellent

Pace of training - 10% rated it very good; 90% rated it excellent

Variety of activities - 100% rated it excellent

Usefulness of strategies - 100% rated it excellent

Confidence to employ strategies given - 30% rated it very good, 70% rated it excellent

Time allowed to cover content - 40% rated it very good, 60% rated it excellent.

What went well?

"I learnt lots. I wish maths (arithmetic) was like this when I was at school."

"All of it!"

"A revelation to see how familiar resources eg hundreds boards/bingo cards can be revitalised. Strategies and resources that can be taken immediately into the classroom - Yay!"

"Ideas shared in the use of resources, and made appropriate to expected year levels."

"Something to make that we could take with us."

"I found the whole session really helpful, and the games were great. It is great that we can access the material online."

What was particularly useful?

"Looking at resources."

"Display of resources."

"Peg and paper plate game"


What could be improved?

"Specific information for Special Needs - ie autism or Down Syndrome."

"I think it runs well. I've been to a few now."

"Longer session."


Any further comments?

"Keep these PD opportunities coming."

"Just thanks for all you do :)"

"Some of these strategies are not practical to use with ORRS funded children, but I can use them with my own child."