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A marriage retreat that help improve broken marriages

What To Look For In A Marriage Retreat Weekend

All kinds of couples seek out marriage therapy. Some go as a last-ditch effort to save a relationship that is at the point of ending, and some seek therapy to strengthen a healthy relationship and learn strategies to weather the ups and downs the future may bring. Couples at these two extremes and every point in between can benefit from a marriage therapy retreat. The following are some things to look for in a marriage retreat weekend.

Personalized Therapy

One of the main benefits of a marriage retreat is the opportunity to get a lot done in a short period of time. In fact, an intensive three or four-day retreat can easily be the equivalent of six months of traditional therapy. In order to get this benefit, couples should make sure to choose a retreat that offers personalized, one-on-one therapy rather than group sessions.

An Experienced Therapist

It's also important to find a therapist who specializes in counseling couples. Couples therapy is different from individual therapy, both in format and in the types of issues that come up. The best marriage counselor is someone who has a lot of experience in dealing with the types of problems couples face and knows how to implement proven strategies to identify underlying problems, communicate more effectively, and rebuild broken trust.

An Enjoyable Location

A marriage retreat offers more than just the therapy; it's also an opportunity for a couple to get away together. A vacation from home and work responsibilities can recharge a relationship, so it's important to find a location that will make for a pleasant visit. Couples should consider staying in a vacation home rather than a hotel in order to feel more relaxed and have more privacy.

A Reasonable Cost

Good therapy isn't and shouldn't be cheap. The money spent on therapy is an investment in the relationship, and couples who come back from a weekend feeling that the've regained a love they thought they had lost never regret the expense. However, couples do need to find an affordable option. For a typical 2-day weekend retreat that includes accommodations and materials, couples can expect to pay about $3500. Learn More at