This is real. This is me.

Abigail Amarillas

Jung and Myers Briggs


-no preference of Extraversion

-Intuition over sensing

-thinking over feeling

-no preference of judging over perceiving

SEI=Social, Enterprising and Investigative.

Careers that are well suited for my personality- Patient Representatives, Community Health Workers and Law teachers.

Colleges that offer my career interest- Dutchess, SUNY Albany


Job Outlook-18% (much faster than average)

Skills that are necessary for this job: -Detail oriented, dexterity, leadership skills, and patience.

Ultimate career goal? Realistic dream for my future?

I have a lot of ideas on what I want to be. However, I'm not quite sure which one I will be happy with in the future. I want a job that I will like so that I will look forward to going to work. Since I don't know what I would like to major in yet, I just want to pursue post-secondary education.