OELC Staff Weekly Updates

Progress Delayed Isn't Progress Denied! 2/8/16

What's Happening Now?

Learning from Experience!

We do not learn from experience, we learn from reflecting on the experience. Dewey

Weekly Updates

Data Analysis Meeting

We ((Lydia Ronner) will host another data analysis meeting February 22nd from 4:00-4:45 in room 2. As a program of excellence, we must host three data meetings a year: the first one is to inform parents of our initial data, the second one is to establish goals for the school year and the third one is to evaluate our progress.

Copy Request

There will be a 24 hour turn around on color copies. This is an attempt to help Beki and or Sue process all of your request in a timely fashion.

No School for Students

Remember let families know that there is NO SCHOOL on February 15th. Complete the contact log. You do not have to "write emailed each student" you can write emailed complete class on 2.5.16, write posted flier on sign-in sheet and on door and call the parents in your small group (EC) or call five families for the next eight school days. Each teacher in your ED program can call five families a day; consequently, your team can contact 10 families a day if there are two staff, or 15 families if there are three staff. Each person must document the families they contacted on the log. Turn in the log on the 15th at our staff meeting.

Staff Meeting

February 15th (9:00-9:50)

Topics to be discussed: Licensing with Pam Andrews (10:00-10:50), Team Meetings (11:00-12:00), lunch on your own (12:00-12:30) and Cultural Sensitivity with Dr. Jay Marks (12:30-3:00)

Kindergarten Move Up/Parent Informational Meeting

February 22nd @ 5:00-5:45 pm in OES Media Center

Open Discussion with Superintendent Throne

February 22nd @ 6:00-8:00 pm in OES Media Center

Video Cameras

In an attempt not to push anyone off the cliff, I am willing to take some smaller steps, as we become more reflective educators. With that being said, all of the ECE classes will video tape only work time. See the attached rubric for clarification. Extended day programs will use the reflective books that each class received at the beginning of the school year. See the attached rubric for directions. The option of reflecting isn't negotiable, but the process can be tweaked as we move forward. In order to ensure excellence, we will become more reflective.

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Sometimes You Just Have to Laugh!

Budget-This is how we will pay for it!

I am so glad that I said "contingent." Just an update. believe it or not, "I believe" our budget will be entered into Skyward this week. Then orders can be finalized. Two new orders were submitted: Owl Babies and Dinos. Orders will be placed at the beginning of each month (contingent on the budget). The following orders were placed AS SOON AS THE BUDGET IS ENTERED-PINKY PROMISE. Sorry for the delay. Beki will notify you when your supplies come in: GSRP CLK order dated 11.6.15, GSRP LEO order dated 10.21.15 and a storage bin for bikes, toddler class some of the items from 10.13.15 and PSO order dated 8.25.15. A hard copy of your order should be given to Beki, upon approval, she will place your order.


Your W2 was mailed last week. Please check your mail. You can always view your W2 in Skyward under Employee Information.

GSRP Fiscal Audit

The state will be auditing Oakland County GSRP budgets, starting 2.1.16.


Your work time must be entered into Skyward daily: when you arrive and depart. If your scheduled time is 8-4 you should have two entries: 8:00 until break and break until 4. If you work for someone else, you need to make that a separate entry with a note indicating the additional time: 7:00-8:00, worked for Tony. You have to continue using the paper time sheets, until you hear otherwise. Additionally, time off request should be entered into Skyward, as well as completing the Time Off Request Form located in the front pocket of the binder with the time sheets. You should notify Sue if you are going to be absent or running late.

Skyward Questions

If you have questions about True Time or Time Off Request, please let me know in the comment section below. I will collect all of the questions and ask Angie. If we have numerous questions, I will have Angie come to our staff meeting to address all of your concerns.

Family Contact Log

You should have at least three forms of contacts with families: email the complete class, calling individual families and posting flier on door/clipboard. Logs are due on the 15th. Bring it with you to the staff meeting and give it to Beki.

Licensing Update

2016 Renewals


R 400.8170 (10) Outdoor play area
(10) An outdoor play area and any equipment located on the center’s premises shall be maintained in a safe condition and inspected daily before use to ensure that no hazards are present.

Regular inspections are critical to prevent deterioration of equipment and the presence of hazardous materials within the play area, and to assure that appropriate repairs are made as soon as possible.

Great Start to Quality/Quality Rating System

I have completed the "Start Rating" for all five sites and the School Improvement Plans for each site. We earned a 5 Star. Now we have to wait for the validation visit. Until the validations happen, we will show a 4 Star on the Quality Rating System webpage. Kudos to you! We earned $500 from the SOM for completing the QRIS and for earning a 4 Star. I am in the process of collecting $500 per site or $2500 for all five buildings. Cant wait to find out what we will get! I thought we could use the money for team building activities. I have contacted a local gym to provide an exercise class. Are you interested?

2016 Calendar (click the red link below)

2016 Calendar

Please hover over the dates to see upcoming events/activities.

The Benefits of Reflective Practive

Look at the countless power points concerning reflective practice. How can this help you as an educator.

Extended Day Updates

2/7 -- Super Bowl

2/8 -- Chinese New Year

2/11 -- National Inventors' Day

2/12 -- Abraham Lincoln's Day

2/14 -- Valentine's Day


Email Beki the list of students for both shifts.

As we enter into the new year, consider the following tips to enhance learning in your classroom:

  • Incorporate technology. There are various tools and trends to leverage in afterschool, such as game-based learning, stop motion animation and augmented reality.
  • Build on strengths. Meet the needs of every student by assessing students’ interests and strengths.
  • Use volunteers (mentors). Invite members of the community to provide real-life experiences for students.
  • Sing. Incorporate music into your program to promote language development, listening skills and creativity.
  • Teach languages. Expose students to other languages, cultures and traditions.
  • Promote good nutrition and fitness. Provide nutrition education and fitness activities to encourage healthy habits among students.
  • Teach perseverance. Foster skills, such as commitment, hard work, patience and endurance.

Early Childhood Updates

The focus for the next four weeks will be "Work Time." The book Essentials of Active Learning page 63-65 provides "look-for" during Work Time.

  • Provide work places and materials based on children's interests
  • offer children comfort and contact as needed
  • acknowledge children's actions and accomplishments: pay close attention to children's interest, see situations from children's point of view, share children's interest with parents and staff, plan around children's strengths and interest
  • Participate in children's play: look for natural play openings, play as a partner with children, join play on the children's level, play in parallel, and suggest ideas within the play situation
  • Converse with children: look for natural opportunities for conversation, talk at the children's physical level, give children a chance to begin conversations, converse in a give-and-take manner, limit questions, and give each child specific feedback
  • Encourage children's problem solving
  • Bring work time to an end with cleanup time

Where to Go For Help?

Washea Jackson, Director cell 248-622-8753, office 248-969-5047
Sue Roeher, Program Coordinator cell 810-614-0070, office 248-969-5036
Pat Mueller, Education Coordinator cell 248-221-0920, office 248-969-5082
Pam Andrew, Parent Coordinator (off)
Beki Story Office Administrator office 248-969-5038

2015/2016 Approved Subs

Loretta Christenson 248-276-0691
Miranda Chambers 248-535-0584
Jan Garreston 248-628-4218
Dorothy Graham 248-236-0361 and 248-464-0788
Kim Keenan 248-462-1304
Denise Nicholas 248-672-7886

Hannah Rice 248-804-8245

Help Desk-Jason French 969-1898

Maintenance Linda 969-5078

OELC Staff Meeting

Monday, Feb. 15th, 9am

105 Pontiac Street


You must RSVP for the staff meeting. If you can not make it, you must notify Sue and decline this event.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

2015 Reflective Practice Data Collection

Please print and use this form with your videotaping.