Battle of Leyte Gulf

The Largest naval battle of World Word II

Be prepared for the Largest Naval Battle of World War II

Leyte Gulf, Philippines. October 23-26, 1944

Wednesday, Feb. 23rd 1994 at 7:15pm

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The Battle of Leyte combined American and Australian forces against the Japanese Imperial Navy. United States troops invaded the island of Leyte and aimed at isolating Japan from the countries. This battle occurred because of the industry of vital oil supplies.

The Agenda For This Battle!

October 20th- The U.S. troops will start invading Leyte

October 23-25th- The Naval Battle occurs between Australian and American forces vs. Japanese

October 26th- The Battle of Leyte was declared over, the Japanese will win this battle.

The Party Host!

For this event, Takeo Kurita is holding the Battle of Leyte and representing and fighting for the Japanese empire. He is the main General and he was a vice-admiral in the Imperial Japanese Navy.He was born in Japan in 1889. He joined into the Japanese military to later on rank as a rear admiral. In the Battle of Leyte, he led on 64 ships. The Japanese end up winning this battle and he is critized for this huge part in the Battle. He died in 1997 at the age of 88.
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The Boss of American Troops

General Douglas MacArthur was born in Little Rock, Arkansas on January 26, 1880. He played many roles in his lifetime such as World War I, and in World War II. He was a commander of the Allied forces in the Pacific. In the Battle of Leyte, he commanded and launched many offensive operations against the Japanese. After living a long directing life, he died on April 5th, 1964 at the age of 84.

What Was The Outcome Of This Battle?

The Japanese opponents, who were the Australians and the Americans, won the Battle of Leyte! This battle was known as the biggest naval battle in history.
WWII Battle of Leyte Gulf

Goals For This Battle!

American's and Japanese had the same goal, to win the victory of the Battle of Leyte. After many ships sunk, airplanes crashed, and people killed, American and Australian forces were known for winning this battle. The Japanese tried everything they could to defeat the American and Australian forces, even putting out suicide planes to crash into our ships. All in all, we still defeated them!

Long Term Effects!

For the Battle of Leyte, the long term effects were the number of deaths in this battle, the number of ships sunk and the number of planes crashed. 169000 people died in this battle.