By:Ethan Dickey

Map Of Mexico

This is a Physical map of the country of Mexico. It shows Mexico's mountains and It's towns.

Mexican Culture

One of Mexico's most popular sports is soccer. But in mexico they don't call it soccer they call it Football. Mexico Hosted the world cup finals in the years 1970 and 1986.

A Mexican tradition is day of the dead. Families gather together to remember family members who have died. They also celebrate christmas Because they are catholic.

Agriculture and Industry

Mexican Industry and Agriculture

Mexico has many industries. They include: Petroleum, Iron, Steel,Clothing, and metal working. Mexico is the sixth largest oil producer in the world. Mexican Agriculture includes: sugar cane,corn,Wheat, and Beans. Livestock counts for forty percent of Mexico's agriculture.

Mexican Climate

Mexico's climate is a mixture of desert and steppe. That means it's very hot in the Mexican towns. Temperatures can get up to 90 degrees.

Mexican landforms

Some major landforms in Mexico are the mountain ranges the Serra Madre Oriental and the Serra Madre Occidental. Another famous land form in Mexico is the Rio Bravo. It forms the Mexican American border. In America this river is called the Rio Grande.