African American leaders

shylah bigelow

Earl Lloyd

Earl Lloyd was the first African American to play in the NBA in the 1950-51 NBA season. He averaged 14 points 8 rebounds per game. He was leading west Virginia state to a second place finish in the CIAA comferonce and tournament championship. born april 03,1928. he died feb 26 2015. his height is 6,5 , spouse Charlita Lloyd , education: west Virginia state university. Lloyd broke the race barrier In the NBA without anyone noticing.
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satchel paige

The first black pitcher to play in the major leagues , the oldest major league. won more than any other baseball player in history. One of the greatest pitchers. Babe ruth headed up one of the exhibition teams paige would play on.

-lula , Pamela ,rita some or his daughters

-height 6,3

-position pitcher

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