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New England, Middle and Southern

New England

First, we have New England. New England has five states and in those states they have farms, timber, fish and they hunt whales. They have triangular trades with England, Africa and the west indies. They do not allow freedom of religion those who said their own religion are banished from New England. Some of the jobs the can get their is building ships, you can be a blacksmith or you can catch fish. You can live at Plymouth with the Separatist or you could call them pilgrims who went to Plymouth to separate from the England church and start a knew colony with different religion then the church of England. They have the Appalachian mountains, rivers, the Atlantic ocean, Cape COD and the Catskill Mountains. New England has the coldest winters.
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The Middle colony

Then we have the middle colonies.They have rich soil and warmer climate than New England. They have the right climate for growing wheat. They have iron and the people who own the middle is the dutch. They have mostly lakes. You could live in the Delaware colony. They have cattle and furs. You could be a miner or a sailor. They have mixed believes.
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The Southern colony

And now the southern. They have even warmer climate than the middle. The land is flat and the soil is rich too. They grow rice, tobacco and indigo. They have some fish but not a lot. Also they have farms and good relations with the native Americans. You could live in Jamestown. They have mixed religion as well.
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Tomas Hooker

He started his own colony so men could vote.

The dutch of york

New York was named after him