WARNING:massacre, could happen to u

Redcoats to blame HUMOR IN PICTURES :)

Time of massacre

The Boston massacre happend on march 5, 1770 just months ago. The first victim was crispus attucks an African American who was born on 1723.the other victims were Samuel gray, James Caldwell, Samuel maverick, Patrick carr, and christopher monk . The British soldiers were Thomas preston , Hugh white , John goldfinch , William wemms , James Bassett, and Hugh montgomery

Boston massacre

Monday, March 5th 1770 at 12am


It happend in Boston just months ago as a group of redcoats shot on an unarmed group of civilians.

Oder of events

1. People confronted redcoats

2.redcoats got angry and warned people to back off

3.redcoats shot unarmed citizens

4. People died

5.people died (again)

We are students trying to help give u info on Boston massacre

Hope u enjoy sorry about the wrong pics