Sonoma-Lake-Napa PT Corner

New beginnings

welcome to the first of hopefully many newsletters from your LNU fitness coordinators. We all have the goal of making being healthy and fit not only for our job but our life outside of work. We welcome input from everyone in the field to help keep this newsletter going. Very soon each Schedule B engine will be recieving a kit containing Kettlebells, foam rollers and jump ropes. We will be sharing videos different ways to use the equipment and will be teaching the FF-1's who come to the next rehire academy. We all know at times the job can be physically and mentally demanding and



So the stations are getting some kettle bells? If you haven't used kettelbells before they are one of the best tools we can use to safely increase strength specific for our job wether it be wild land or structure. There are many different workouts we can do but we will start with a few of the simple ones.
How to Properly Perform and Teach the Kettlebell Swing Featuring Mike Boyle
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