To Chew Or Not To Chew

Should students be able to chew gum in school?

Should gum be banned from schools? Should students not be able to chew gum in school? Gum should not be banned from schools because it is proven to be very helpful for students in school. Gum actually enhances students memories and helps them concentrate, as well proving to higher their test scores.
To begin, gum should not be banned from schools because it helps students concentrate and proves to help with their test scores. According to this article To Chew or Not to Chew "gum promotes learning by helping students work better and longer." This piece of textual evidence proves that gum helps students work better and longer. Gum also raises test scores because it enhances your ability to concentrate and it helps you remember. "One last piece of evidence indicates chewing gum increase brain power." This is explaining that gum can increase brain power, which ultimately allows us to do better in school. "Some people may think that gum is an unhealthy habit , but when examined slowly this idea is not supported by research." This fact is actually wrong because this idea isn't even supported by research or facts. "As a matter of fact, gum is a healthy option to avoid overeating." So to conclude gum is actually a healthy habit.