Middle East country project


Syria has a total of 185,180 square kilometers. 1,295 square kilometers of that is controlled by Israel. 183,630 sq km is land and the rest is water. Syria is located at 35 00 N, 38 00 E on a map. The country has hot, arid summers and cool, rainy winters.


The religion most worshiped Syria is Islam. The Islamic holy book is the Koran. Muslims (Islam followers) worship their god Allah on Friday inside a Mosque. Muslims celebrated holiday is called Ramadan. The Islamic core belief is salvation through good works.


Syrian cuisine consists of many meals. A few examples are fattah, kebab halabi, kibbeh and mahshi. Not all these dishes are exclusive to Syria but they are served in special ways. Each meal is served with an appetizer like cheese, cookies and minced meat. Some of these dishes can be made 7 different ways depending on the ingredients used. Kibbeh can be made over 17 different ways!


Syria's government type is a republic under an authoritarian regime. Therefor, it is an unlimited government. Syria's president is Bashar al-Assad. The military in Syria is officially called the Syrian Arab Army. It was created on August 1st, 1945 by France after WWI. Since Syria has an unlimited government, citizens can vote but only for 1 party.


Syria has a command economy. The currency used there is the Syrian pound. Syria's GDP is currently 25.2 billion Syrian pounds. The life expectancy is 74 years, and the literacy rate is for men is 86% and 73.6% for women.

Interesting fact; About Hamsters?

The origin of the Syrian Hamster, or the Golden Hamster, is quite interesting indeed. The Syrian Hamster was found in the mid 1700's by a physician studying the climate and culture of Syria, and the hamster was named a new species in 1839. In 1930, a mother with her liter of pups were captured and became test subjects for lab in Jerusalem. It is said that every single Golden Syrian Hamster in all of Syria, can be traced back to that one mother captured in 1930. That must be some family reunion!