ELC Newsletter

October 16, 2015

Our Building Goal is Set

Our goal for the Early Learning Center will be to have 100% of our kindergarten students attain a Student Growth Percentile ( SGP) score of 50 or greater based upon STAR assessments that have provided us a baseline. Currently, just slightly over a third, closer to 36% of our kindergarten students are at or above benchmark expectations, so as a school we have work to do.

What is a Student Growth Percentile Score?

A student growth percentile (SGP) describes a student’s growth compared to other students with similar prior test scores (their academic peers). Percentiles are a common method of measuring students in comparison to their peers. A student growth percentile is a number between 1 and 99. If a student has an SGP of 85, we can say that she showed more growth than 85 percent of her academic peers. A student with a low score on a state assessment can show high growth and a student with a high score can demonstrate low growth. Similarly, two students with very different scale scores can have the same SGP.

Everyone supports this building goal. The Early Childhood team has a goal in the area of literacy that encourages book handling and literacy skills for our 3 and 4 year olds. Then the 4K programs use PALS as their baseline to hold that 80% of their students will know letter names, sounds, be able to rhyme, and identify beginning sounds by the end of the year. Our 5K Special Education and Title I programs work with the kindergarten students and join in supporting the overall building goal. We not only made, but surpassed our building goal last year, by working together and supporting each other. We are all readers at ELC!

First Class of Conscious Discipline

Teachers, parents, and support staff began the Conscious Discipline training this week with Mrs. Polly Kaat from Sheboygan. We learned about positive and direct ways of stating expectations, teaching relaxation, and learning that all behavior is communication.
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Safety Drill

ELC joined in the District Wide Red Alert Lockdown drill on Tuesday morning, October 13th. We had teachers move students to safe areas, some were able to barricade the room, and we learned about areas to improve on as well. Thank you to all the staff of ELC, Aramark, Arts for Kids, Head Start, and ALC for working so well and practicing this drill using a common sense approach to safety. The Community Safety Meeting will be held on October 26th, 2015 at 5;30 PM.

OASYS and My Learning Plan

Thank you to all of the teachers and educational specialists that completed their SLO, self assessment, Professional Practice Goal , and Survey Growth Plan this week. Having read many of these, it is impressive to see how each of you supports the overall growth of our ELC students. By working together, and believing we are a school of readers, we will achieve these goals!

Upcoming events at ELC

10/22/15: Visit from Mrs. Vickie Goldapske, our School Board Liaison

10/23/15: No school for students; Meet at 8:00 for Building Meeting; Afternoon will be buffet style to work on district initiatives

10/29: Reminder of Staff Flu Clinic after 2:45 PM in DMR

My Out of Building Schedule

10/19: 7:15 FLC PST; Morning at FLC then back to ELC; 7:00 Annual Meeting in Board Room

10/20 and 10/21: State Superintendent's and Pupil Services Conference in Wisconsin Dells,

Back by 4:00 for Conscious Discipline

10/22: PM HMHS;

10/23: ELC all day