The Enlightment

-One Huge Change-

What is the Enlightment and when did it take place?

The Enlightment was when the Scientific Revolution began changing the way people viewed human actions. This change in thought was often called the Age of Reason. It took place in the 1700s.
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What did Enlightment philosphers use or do? What did they think?

Enlightment philosophers used reason and logic, much as scientists were doing. These thinkers, however, studied human nature and had suggested ways to improve their world.

Who were some of these philosophers? What did they do?

Jean-Jacques Rousseau Voltarie, and Baron de Montesquieu were both Enlightment philosphers and had formed ideas about how the government should work to best serve the people. John Locke was also a Enlightment philospher and had believed that people had natural rights such as equality and liberty.

What happened in the end?

In the end, the ideas of the Scientific Revolution and the Enlightment began to influence some colonial leaders.

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