Pink and Say by Patricia Polacco

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A Civil War Friendship

This picture book tells the story of a friendship between two young boys, both members of the Union army. While both boys are fighting on the same side of the war, their experiences are vastly different. While Say, a Union solider from Ohio, heals from a battle wound, we learn more about Pink's life before the war. Pink, a former slave, shares his thought provoking insights about what he refers to as the "sickness". The two boys build a strong friendship, but will their friendship survive the Civil War?

Why should you read it?

Well let me tell you...

Not only will you learn about the lives of two young soldiers of the Union army, but you'll also get to know two brave boys and the hardships they face.

Patricia Polacco captivates her audience with this story and also shows them that friendship has no boundaries. Pink and Say seem to be from different worlds, but this doesn't stop them from helping one another find courage, strength and companionship during America's Civil War.

It may seem that you can learn nothing from a book set in a time so long ago. However, there is so much to learn from both Pink and Say.

"After Aylee taught me to read, even though he owned my person, I knew that nobody, ever, could really own me."

Why was it written?

I believe that there are several reasons that Patricia Polacco wrote this book.

As she has states in the book, one reason was to tell the story of Sheldon Russell Curtis (Say) and Pinkus Aylee (Pink).

Another reason that Polacco may have written this book is to show a side of the Civil War not often portrayed. We get to know Pink, a slave, and his former and current way of life. We learn that he too has something to offer - courage, strength and the power to read.