Final - Week 17

Last Week of class

What to do this week?

We are finished with our content weeks.

  • Check your gradebook. If you see zeros or forgot to complete assignments from last week, turn them in asap. I am sending Progress grades to school today. That grade includes your grade for the last 6 weeks.
  • Work on your Final Project. Final is due May 15.
  • The recording part of the project will be graded by the rubric. Make sure to practice your reading with the coach before you turn in the recording.
  • Final Project, Final Exam is all the same in this class. Sorry if my terminology confuses you. I do not teach in f2f school.
  • You have two weeks to work on your Final. It is due May 15 by midnight.
  • Conversation sessions: Please attend your conversation sessions as your coach will help you with the project. You have to get help with Final. Remember to text or email me as well if you need help.
Remember, all the conversation sessions you will attend now can be counted as make up for any missed sessions you had during the semester. This is a really great opportunity to improve the grade.

How your course grade is calculated?

All NCVPS classes calculate weighted grade:

  • Grading period 1 - 37.5%
  • Grading period 2 - 37.5%
  • Final project - 25%

Grammar Review - Possessive Pronouns

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Many of you mentioned Peter and Paul fortress as a place you would like to visit in St. Petersburg. On the background is inside of the fortress. It is very beautiful. This is also a place we visit during our trip.

Let me know if you are interested to join my next trip to Russia. Everything is included! We got a great price. It is only $162 per month if you register now.

Click this link to learn more about trip to Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tallin, and Helsinki).

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Yes, you can turn in late work. Thank you Victoria for asking! I will take 25% off for late submission. If you do not meaningfully comment on what others posted I will take other 25% off. Do not loose this points.

Brad was among the first to turn in the Final. I am looking forward to the rest of your Finals.

Need to reach your teacher

On the image: Moscow, Russia, near Red Square.