Log Cabin House Style

Carter Olson, 4th Hour


Log Cabins are usually found more around Lakes, Mountains, Wilderness and outside city limits. There are usually 1-2 story houses with trees and/or shrubs built around them. They are merely stacked logs held together with steel reinforcing bars and a variety of trees. Several factors go into building log cabins, such as, cost, availability, homeowner preference, and the type of environment.


The first log cabin was built in 1683 by the Sweden colony in lower Delaware. This construction increased during the 17th century. Small log cabins became the first churches, schools, hotels, stores, etc. The first people to live in these houses were pioneers. Many of the log cabins were just one story. Log cabins were built by emigrants from Sweden and Finland. Log cabins didn't require much building materials, just and an axe or saw. They didn't need metal nails or spikes to hold them together and they could be built fairly quickly, too.

Building Materials

There are different types of ways that roofs can be built on log cabins. Asphalt Shingles, metal roofs, and hand split shakes. Depending on what type of roof is chosen, depends on where the insulation goes. The types of floors in log cabins vary from one option to another. Hard Wood Floors, Flagstone Floors, Tile Floors, and Carpet Floors are all options when choosing floors.