Advantages of Autoflowering Seeds

Advantages of Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Autoflowering cannabis seed provides an easy harvesting of top quality cannabis without the requirement of light cycles or the deletion of male plants. Autoflowering cannabis seeds are grown outdoor and can be harvested in two courses during the normal summer.

Are autoflowering cannabis really getting better results?

Autoflowering cannabis seed cultivation can be useful for grower. There are so many advantages of using auto flowering cannabis seed as they offer different better result. Some of the advantages are as following:

The Growers Can Get Multiple Harvests Per Year: As autoflowering cannabis plant tend to flower by its own at any time of the year. As a result, you can start growing this plant any time in the year. Generally the middle of the summer is ideal for growing cannabis auto flowering seed. This ensures that you can start a new cycle in spring, and summer. As a result, you can grow cannabis plant in 3 times in a year. However, normal or regular cannabis seeds grow during the spring and summer. Regular cannabis plant also flower during the day light.

Smaller in Size: The autoflowering cannabis seeds genetically formed in such way that they keep their plants in smaller sizes. Due to their small sizes they are often called as dwarf cannabis plant. Due to their small size they are best for using in indoor use. Generally, they are ideal for growing in balconies as well as small gardens.

Fastest Growing Time: From the time of cultivation to harvesting, autoflowering cannabis seeds take smaller size to grow. They grow very fast and the flowering period is very small. Most of the autoflowering seeds available online offer a small cultivation and harvesting period 60-70days. This is the reason they are popular among the people.

Strong Resistance Power: Autoflowering cannabis seeds are known for its strong resistance power. They are well resistant to many diseases and moulds. The auto flowering plants are also resistant to certain climate standards such as, they are quite resistant to winter season.

Due to the advantages and better results of autoflowering cannabis seeds the popularity of these types of seeds is increasing day to day. As a result most of the cannabis seed producers have now switched to these new varieties.