Mr. Prince Charming

By: Alexis Cruz

Qualities I want...

Self Respect
He has manners

No No's !!

Doesn't do drugs
Isn't disrespectful

Doesn't have any manners
No common sense

My Happily Ever After.

My dream date would be something like an addicting disney channel movie. We'd hang out all day doing whatever comes up to us. He would take me out for pizza, and we would laugh hysterically at each other. Afterwards we'll go to an amusement park and ride plenty of roller coasters. Later, we'd hang out at the pool and splash each other as if we were little kids. Once everything is done and over with, he'll take me home and walk me to my doorstep. He'll tell me how much he enjoyed my company, then introduce his lips to mines. That's just a perfect date to me.

True Love.

" Every love story is different, but ours is my favorite".
- Alexis M. Cruz

" Love isn't all about the flirting, hugs, kisses, and sex. Love is about having the ability to take all of those things away and still have feelings for each other".

-Megan Good