October Update

NBC Learn

Have you used NBC Learn yet this year?

NBC Learn is a collection of more than 22,000 current events, archival, and educational videos that is a fully accessible to faculty at your school. The collection is updated on a daily basis, so if there's something in the news relevant to the topics that you teach, chances are that there's an NBC Learn clip that can introduce this topic to students. You can also work with NBC Learn's curriculum team to help curate videos for your courses. For more information, contact curriculum@nbcuni.com.

NBC Learn Tutorial: Using the Standards Tool

Elementary Teachers- don't hesitate to try it out!

How can I use it to enhance & transform my classroom?

  • Supplement a topic in social studies with real footage
  • Provide students with historical evidence when studying literature
  • Relate Math and other topics such as Football
  • Allow students to use news footage as a research resource
  • Great to use as an introduction to new material (relevance)
  • Perfect to summarize at the end of class
  • Excellent starter to classroom discussion and debates.
  • As a bell-ringer activity
  • For current events activities
  • Watch prior to a related writing prompt

check out the PDF below for more information for K-5 teachers.

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