Poverty and Water

by: Lauren O'Rear

Whats the big problem?

Well, people can go only 3 days without water and people specifically living in poverty do not have the luxuries we do, many people in Africa,specifically do not have access to clean water. They can't afford to build wells, with out peoples help, anyways.

{poverty is the state of being extremely poor}

What are we doing to help?

Compassion International, is a company that allows you to sponsor a child for a very small amount about $20 a month, but you can also give a donation that can give a family a in-home water filter, and it can filter enough water for a life time.

The Water Project takes donations to build permanent wells for areas that don't have clean water, such as Kenya, Sierra Leone, Uganda, and Burkina Faso.

Where is it happening?

It is mostly happening in Africa, for example in Narobi, where Pope Francis came to address

this problem along with the families now having many basic needs.