Pawn Loans

quick and easy way to borrow money without a credit check

Where can a Pawn Loan be purchased?

There are three places to purchase a Pawn Loan in Bowling Green, Ky. There is Jewelry Barn & Pawn on Scottsville Road, The Pawn Company on Cumberland Trace Road, and Shady Rays Pawn Shop on Gordon Avenue.

Pawn Shops in Bowling Green, KY

Interest rates and fees

Interest rates are set by the state law. Average rate is around 5%. If the loan isn't paid then the Pawnshop can sell the item traded in for money. If the item cannot be sold to pay off the loan then the borrow must pay the remaining debt.

More about Pawn Loans

Pros & Cons


1. instant cash

2. credit doesn't have to be checked


1. Have to trade something personal

2. interest rates are usually high