My digital dossier

By Yahia 7G

Before i was born

My digital dossier started before I was born similar to Andy. My parents used email and Skype to communicate with family about me. Also the information about me is also in my hospital file. My parents will take pictures of me and keep it for memories. They will later on send these photos to family.

Starting to add to my digital dossier on my own

When i am kindergarten I start to learn how to use the internet. I was really into computer games it needed information about me so I can play so things like that will be part of my digital dossier.Later on in that year I made a gmail account so I could communicate online but since I was in kindergarten I rarely used it. I just made it for fun.

When I get older (around the age 10)

At this stage in my media life I was able to do anything I needed to do online. I could play games, watch YouTube videos and play games which increased my digital dossier a lot. Since I was good at using media and it was fun to me when I was 11 I saved up my allowance money to purchase an i pod. It added a lot to my digital dossier because when you first get an apple device it required a whole lost of information about me. It required things like gmail, adress, postal code, credit card info etc.

Present time

Right now I use online for a lot of different things like research projects, Media literacy, Games sometimes, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat etc. Now I use it a lot like on a daily basis but back in kindergarten our family only had one computer and it wasn't as fast as it is now. Currently it is so easy to add to your digital dossier I am right now which already tells you how easy it is nowadays.
Digital Dossier

Thanks for reading my presentation!!