Levi Strauss!

Inventor of Jeans

Introduction of Levi!

  • Levi Strauss was born on February 29 1829 in Buttenheim Bavaria Germany.
  • Levi was the youngest of 6 children. His father Hirsh and Mother Rebecca had two other kids together and Hirsh has 3 kids from his previous marriage. They experienced religious discrimination because they were Jewish, they were restricted on where they could live and special taxes were placed on them.
  • Levi has had two accomplishments in his life, He helped establish the first synagogue; Temple Emanu-el in the city. And helped Jacob Davis develop a more durable pant, also know as jeans.
  • He worked in the Levi and CO company
  • died at age 73 on September 26, 1902 at his home in San Francisco

Introduction of Invention!

  • Jeans were first designed for work wear for laborers on farms and mines in the late 19th century. Jacob Davis was asked to make a pair of sturdy pants for a woodcutter. He thought of the idea of reinforcing them with rivets and they were proved durable and were in high demand. Davis couldn't pay it so he asked his fabric supplier Levi Strauss for help. Jeans were made of two fabrics, cotton duck and denim. Denim was dyed with an indigo dye and was the fabric that sold due to being more comfortable.

  • Levi started his own company in 1870 where he sold dry goods and clothing. And now there is a Levi company called Levi and CO.

  • The invention of jeans did change the way we live now because millions of people wear them on a daily basis for different reasons. But the invention was not taken for granted.

  • Products that were developed because of the invention of Levi jeans is colored jeans.


  • Levi Strauss had very little education he mainly worked with his brothers in their store.
  • Levi also didn't complete any training he worked in the store and sold goods to miners to make money.
  • Levi Strauss evolved into an entrepreneur by first selling goods and working with his brothers to make money, then with the money he made he got fabrics and sold them. He sold fabric to Jacob Davis which made him an entrepreneur because Davis asked Strauss for his help.
  • Strauss was not inspired to make jeans because he was asked for help.
  • Strauss made alot of money for his production of jeans. In 2013 Levi @ CO made $637 million.

Entrepreneurial Qualities

  • Levi's skills that make him a good entrepreneur are he is a hard worker, he is dependent, and smart.
  • Levi's skills do align with what he has done professionally.
  • Strauss is both a leader and not a leader because he was asked to help with the production of jeans, but he ran his company which does make him a leader.