Cougar Chronicles for ADULTS

February 16-19, 2016; V3, i24

Our Week

Hint about the calendar, if you don't have MCES calendar listed as part of your "other calendars" then you won't see the information about the school. You'll just see what you have been invited to and/or what you've placed on there. As we discussed, we don't send invitations to every event. So, you'll want to make sure you have access and are able to see MCES calendar.

SO, check out the calendar. (Click here to go to the calendar to make sure you know what is happening.)

Here are a few reminders about this week:

Wednesday- 2/17: DAY 1/ "A" Day for Specials; ELL testing schedule (see email from Lia Yang); Techie Committee meeting after school to make sure we're ready for March parent night: COMPUTERS & DEVICES 101. Take-Home-Tuesdays will go home TODAY. Parents will get a phone call reminding them about the information sheets to complete and return. ALSO, they'll be reminded that students need to bring back this form and be memorizing their parents' phone number(s).

CONGRATS to our 2 faculty members reaching the "5" badges on PD Challenge: Mrs. Lynn Mull & Mrs. Crystal Randall. Now, who will be next? Treat for the first 5 teachers who reach this goal!!!

Thursday- 2/18: No faculty meeting; BT meeting at Olive Hill (BT=Beginning Teachers)

Friday- 2/19:'s Friday! Watch just for the fun (click on FRIDAY) of it and look forward to some reenactment time during recess today!


After school ESL program starts on 2/21. Those teachers won't be in attendance in the faculty meeting. SO, we'll record and share it digitally with them. THANK you ALL for ALL of the time you give to our students! Our hard work WILL pay off! Grow! GROW! GRoW!

Check out the website below. We'll be going into more detail about these ideas and others during the faculty meeting on 2/25.

Academic Language and English language learners

And more to view & read on the next SNOW day...