Sumatran Tiger

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The Sumatran tiger is almost extinct.

The Sumatran Tiger has less than 400 tigers left in the world! That's why we need to save them! In 2009 the people made some much paper in Sumatra that they got rid of 3/4 of their habitat!

Stop using so much paper!!!!!

If you stop using so much paper they could get off the endangered list. So paper comes from trees right, well we're cutting down trees just to get paper. Studies show that if we we're not alive the animals could live free and not be endangered! So we should stop using so much paper.


Save the tiger!

All about the Sumatran Tiger

It's a carnivore, it hunts alone at night, and they eat deer and cattle. Its right under us in the food chain. It has black stripes, red fur, and is darker than any other tiger.