leopard seal

scientific name: Hydrurga leptonyx

what does it look like?

The leopard seal is easily found. it's a fierce and earless animal with a long neck and a huge head ending in a pointed snout. It has a large mouth with strong teeth and powerful jaws. It's grey coat is dark with black spots on top and silvery underneath. When the seal lifts it's head up, you can see a white and black blotched throat. Their body is designed for speed.

whats their size, population and location

Female leopard seals are called cows and the males are called bulls.

Cows are slighty larger than bulls. A fully grown cow is about 4 metres long and wieghs as much as 450 kilograms.


Leopard seal's flippers help it to move quicker than other seals across the ice. Leopard seals don't go onto land to breed. The young are born on ice flows during November and December.

what's their food and predators?

A leopard seal's diet is varied. It eats krill, penguins, other seals and fish.

while the leopard seal's only predator is the killer whale.

location & population

leopard seals live in frigid Antarctic and sub Antarctic waters. The population is hard to work out because the seals live in areas which are difficult to get to. They estimate that it is 220,000 to 440,000.