A little trip to the big fantasy

What the city of the future is?

My city of the future can be described in 4 words: Science. Technology. People. Nature.

Dark Backward - Grey Present

Nowadays we have two opposite places for living: city and country.

Let's compare it!

What can we find in city?

A big city can give us a lot of opportunities such as:
But at the same time city has a lot of disadvantages

What about country?

In a people's mind countryside often associated with peace and quite.

Lots of people always try to spend their holidays or just weekend at the country.

It's because of advantages of the country:

it's regrettable but even a country have it own disadvantages,

They are

Step ahead to the bright future

In my city of the future city and countryside will be connected to the something new, which take only advantages both from country and city and will be spared from minuses.

  • There will be no ecological problems in it.
  • Little number of personal transport and high-level system of public transport.
  • Waste-free production.
  • City will be live on clean energy: energy of the wind, solar energy and bioenergy
  • There will be a lot of big parks in it

City of the 21th century

Some time ago people decided to create a city of the future, the prototype of the city of the future

Masdar-city in UAE near the Abu Dhabi can be called "The city of 21th century".

It was started in 2006 and going to be ended in 2014.

This city located in desert. There will be no any personal transport in it, but u can easile get from one place to other by the wide web of public transport (PRT - Pesonal Rapid Transit)

All energy for city will be gain from renewable enegy source,

It will have a population of 45-50 thousands people and also 60 thousands will be coming there for work

At last let's imagine how can the city of the future look like