Save our Tropical RainForest

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save our rainforest

A tropical rainforest is a very special place it is in danger. It has 50 to 260 inches of rainfall it is dry hot and moist. The tropical rainforest has many beautiful plants and trees like coconut tree and durian. It has all types of animal like birds and monkeys.You can do all types of activities there even hiking and visiting native communities. Save our rainforest

Many ways to save the Tropical Rain Forest and reasons why its in danger

Lets do the right thing!

Many Tropical Rainforest are in danger because they are bulldozed,burnt down for room,houses,roads,farms etc.There are many ways to save the tropical rainforest like work to protect the tropical rainforest,think globally and act locally,write letters to congressional representatives about your concern and why we should save the rainforest,etc.