my smore

jimaniece scyrus

Something you will never change your mind about

Something i will never change my mind about is going to college. Even though school is easy it could get hard at times, but i am just going to have to stick it out and do my best at it. I mean it's not like school is going to get any easier for me under my condition but i am a fighter and i am not going to give up or ever change my mind about going to college when i finish High School. Something i will never change my mind about is being a singer like Beyonce or any of the characters (actors and actresses) on my favorite show Glee. Being a singer has been set on my mine since i was 3 or 4 years old that's how old i was when i actually started to sing in front of my family. Some times i get afraid to sing front of people, but i know that i can. I will never change my mind of becoming a singer. Something i will never change my mind about is my love for Jesus and my Family i completely love them so so much and that will never stop.
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Personal Motto

My personal motto is basically not listening to all the slugs that get thrown my way. When people tell me that i will never become a singer or get into college i just laugh in there faces. Or i just tell them up and say just you're the one who wants to be a singer or go to college doesn't i don't want to. MOST IMPORTANT KEEP MY HEAD UP.
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Future Goals

My Future Goals in becoming a singer is actually simple all i have to do is take lesson so they can help me push the shyness away and get me really use to performing in big crowds. 2nd i will have to practice and practice like i do every time i'm by myself. 3rd then i would have to get my degree. (which would happen in college).