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Important News for Multilingual Learners at Lake Bluff

19 March 2021

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Our first full-day, 5-day week is done!

It has been a wonderful week of learning here at Lake Bluff as we returned to an all-day, 5-day a week learning model.

Please contact me if you have questions about our new model: this includes schedules, materials pickup, or anything else!

Read on for information about a new Wednesday schedule after spring break, ACCESS English testing, and a comment on the recent violence and racism being experienced by our Asian American community.

Also, Happy Nowruz to all who are celebrating this weekend! See a message below about sharing your celebrations with our Lake Bluff family.

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Take care and be safe,

Jennifer Conigliaro

Multilingual Learner (ML) Teacher

Luz Svitak

Multilingual Learner (ML) Aide

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Wednesday Schedule Change Starts April 7!

After spring break, starting April 7, school will end for grades K5 through 6 at 12:15 EVERY WEDNESDAY!

The K4 schedule will stay the SAME. However, there will be NO K4 on Wednesday, April 14, and Wednesday, May 12.

This change will allow in-person and remote teachers to meet and work with each other and with specialist teachers to best meet all student needs during the remainder of this unusual year.

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Calendar Reminders

On Friday, March 26, school will end at 12:00 noon!

Spring break (no school) is the week of Monday, March 29-Friday, April 2. We will see you again on Monday, April 5!

To see an updated school calendar, click here.

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Reminder: Free Lunch!

School lunch will be free (no cost) for the rest of the school year. If your child will be having a school lunch, they can tell their teacher in the morning. Please remember to send your child to school with a full water bottle.

Students in grades 5 and 6 MAY walk home to eat lunch if you choose. Please look at the emails you are receiving from your child's teacher for more information on that.

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ACCESS English Proficiency Testing

ACCESS English Proficiency Testing continues this week! Students are working hard and showing perseverance as they take the listening, reading, speaking, and writing sections of their annual test. The state and federal government mandates that all multilingual learners take the ACCESS English test every year until students reach a score of 6. This is just one way that our school measures English language growth. Since the test must be given in person, thank you so much to families who have brought their remote students in to take the test one-on-one. Most testing should be complete before spring break!

You can learn more about the ACCESS test by clicking below:

What is ACCESS for ELLs?

French: What is ACCESS for ELLs?

Simplified Chinese: What is ACCESS for ELLs?

Vietnamese: What is ACCESS for ELLs?

ACCESS testing will continue on Mondays and Thursdays only until complete. Regular multilingual learner support from Ms. Conigliaro and Ms. Svitak will begin on Tuesday, March 23.

As always, please contact Ms. Conigliaro with your questions.

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The Shorewood District Stands in Solidarity with the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Community

After the horrific events in Atlanta, I wanted to check in with all of our global families here at Lake Bluff. I know that the past year has presented many challenges for all families and even more so for many Asian American families. I'm aware that in Shorewood some Asian American families were the targets of hate crime. I'm hopeful your family is safe and healthy.

Please let me know if there is anything I can assist you or your family with now or in the coming days.

Here is a message from our school district which was sent to all families via email today:

Dear Shorewood Families,

Today, we stand in solidarity with our Asian American and Pacific Island (AAPI) brothers and sisters. The senseless and tragic murder of eight women, including six Asian-American women reminds us of the continued committed work that needs to be done. This unspeakable act is the latest in a series of alarming attacks that have taken place across the country. We stand with our students, colleagues, friends, and community members who are dealing with and speaking out against the racist harm that is being enacted in our communities. We are committed to listening, learning, and leading to make our schools and our community a better place for all.

The Shorewood School District is committed to this lifelong work of knowing better and doing better. We recognize that the work being done cannot be done in isolation and takes a collective effort to make necessary changes. Part of our commitment and responsibility is to share resources that can help us all grow. Below you will find some resources that can begin the conversation. The conversations and commitments need to continue in order to create a better world today, tomorrow, and moving forward.

Bystander Intervention
Anti-Asian Violence Resources
Lesson of the Day: A Rise in Attacks on Asian Americans
History of Racism against Asian Americans
Parent Guide

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Happy Nowruz!

Happy Nowruz and Happy New Year to all who are celebrating tomorrow and throughout this weekend! Please feel free to share any photos of your celebration or your table with your Lake Bluff family. We have a global community here at Lake Bluff, and students love sharing their traditions and learning about those of others.

Happy Nowruz! Happy Spring!

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