Swift River High School

using iPad to support student learning

What do 21st Century Learners Need?

  • opportunities to learn through inquiry
  • reading skills to understand & interpret text in various formats
  • technological proficiency for today & the future
  • equal access to information
  • opportunities to think critically & solve problems
  • communication & collaboration skills
  • digital citizenship skills (appropriate online behaviors, ethical use of info, etc.)

How iPad enhances student learning

  • students are digital natives, using iPad meets kids where they are
  • provides students with immediate access to information
  • improves communication between students & teachers, school & home
  • allows students opportunities to create & take ownership of their learning

Here are a few ideas to get started

  • create a class website to inform students & parents about what's going on in your class (keeps everyone informed, encourages students to take responsibility for their learning)
  • have students contribute to a class blog (supports writing skills, collaboration, digital citizenship)
  • have students use the internet to gather research (supports inquiry, reading skills, digital citizenship)
  • use simulations to help students grasp challenging concepts (supports inquiry, helps students think critically)
  • find, or have students find apps to support specific lessons / learning goals (supports inquiry, technological proficiency)
  • create, or have students create textbooks using iBooks Author (supports communication & collaboration, reading, digital citizenship)
  • have students create & publish stories using Scribble Press (supports communication skills, digital citizenship)

Useful Sites


-apps, resources, etc. specifically for iPad use in high school


-links to dozens of resources for apps, tutorials, etc


-information and resources from Apple about iPad & how it can be used in education


-compilation of apps for different uses, includes a brief overview of what each app does


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