Class of 2015 First Destinations

William and Mary

As you know, The College needs to know what the Class of 2015 is doing now that you've graduated!

Your information is important to William and Mary! Please take just 3 minutes to complete this survey to tell us what you are doing now, whether you are in the middle of your job search, going directly to graduate school, volunteering or employed. Complete the survey at this URL: (go to the online version of this newsletter for live, clickable links)

Your information remains confidential. The College reports the data, in aggregate only, to academic departments, state and federal agencies, as well as to media outlets.

Most of you are currently job seeking; you can always update your information as your plans firm up later.

If you find that you are being invited to interviews, but aren't getting offers, this article may help. On the other hand, if you are applying to jobs you know you are qualified for, but aren't being invited to interview, it is likely that you aren't targeting your resume and cover letter well enough to the specific job. Making and maintaining connections with people inside the organizations that interest you is most helpful in generating interview invitations, too. More than 45 employers posted jobs in this week; in the 'Jobs' tab of TribeCareers you will find additional job databases, such as 'Human Rights Jobs' and 'Ethical Jobs' and many more.

For those of you who have already landed a job, you might find this article useful:

9 steps to new job success.

Those of you going directly to graduate school this fall may find this article useful:

What to do the summer before graduate school.

Job interview tips (Part 1): Five quick job interview tips