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From Library to Learning Commons

What is a Learning Commons?

A learning commons is a "place of teaching and learning, group work, collaboration, creativity, change, inquiry, communication, and community." -ASLC

The learning commons model places a greater emphasis on students, accessibility, community, and exploration, enabling your school library to become an instructional partner in project-based learning. From topic selection to final presentation, the library as learning commons has the tools and knowledge to help! My goal this year is to begin this shift from library to learning commons with some small steps.

Changes You Will See

  • An open library schedule to increase accessibility
  • A digital "makerspace" on our library webpage
  • More library collaboration on classroom projects
  • More student helpers
  • More digital resources
UPS Library Web Page

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Services for Teachers

Other Nuts and Bolts

Library Cards:

All students will receive library cards. Elementary cards will be large enough to use as a shelf marker and contain blanks for assorted student passwords as well as their library barcode. Teachers, please keep these in class and send the stack with students when they come to the library. I'll pass them out during library time.

Middle school library cards are to be determined.

Scheduled Time:

The library serves two schools and is always open. When you arrive for library time, I may be helping other students. If you will seat your students (K-2 on the rug and 3-5 at the tables), I'll be with you as quickly as I can. Please be mindful of the class that follows and be on time for pick up.

Open Time:

As a learning commons the library is always open. However, in order help everyone we ask that you send no more than 5 students from one class without other adult supervision. Be aware that Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the best days for students to exchange books and work on projects. We ask that students do not begin coming the the library to check out books until August 18th. We have over 1,000 new books to prepare and over 500 library cards to make.

Accelerated Reader:

Students in grades K-5 have access to Accelerated Reader. Check your mailbox soon for a list containing your students' login information.

School Web Page:

Our school web page is a great way to keep the public and our parents informed! TCS requires all teachers to create a class page from the main school website. I'd like to work with each grade level within the next several weeks or see me if you'd like to work on your page sooner. Be sure to let me know if there are any dates, pictures, or other information you would like posted on our school home page.

About us

We love helping kids find great books! Ms. Hamilton has been a media specialist since 2003. This will be her third year at UPS. Mrs. Murphy joined us last year as the library assistant. Although this will be her first full year in the library, she is learning fast and has many years of experience working with children.