GCIS Friday Focus 10/7/2016

We're Not Here to be average; we're here to be AWESOME!

Weekly Duties

Special thanks to all the duty teachers and your efforts to keep our spaces in the morning and afternoon safe! Please let me know if there is anything that we may need to adjust.

Link to AM/PM Duties

See Documents below for this Week!

Please click on the links below for Awesome Student of the Week, This weeks Newsletter, and Lunch dates.

Looking forward to eating this week with...

  • Mr. Eberly
  • Mrs. Berglund
  • Mrs. Bardole

Weekly Links...

Awesome Students of the Week (Due Thursday by Noon)

Newsletter (Due Thursday Noon)

Lunchdates w/ Van Cleave

*Postcards Due to Heather by noon on Thursday

  • Our goal is to drop in mail Thursday afternoon. If you need more cards see H. Hadley/K.Hoskins
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Shout Out!

A few shout outs for the week!

  • Thanks to Bob for jamming out with us during the Healthiest State Walk on Wednesday!

  • Thanks to the DLT members (Fish, Brown, Onken, Hoffman, Meier) for a great jam session planning and preparing for PLC conference! I appreciate your brains and ideas!

  • Thanks Susie for taking lots of pictures to capture our awesome students during the walk!

  • Special Shout Out to our custodians for cleaning up the conference after our lunch dates!

Changes to the Week

We will be running our drill on Wednesday. Fire fighters will be practicing a building check in our building. We will evacuate to our safe locations. I will be around to check on this with you in PLCs and see if you have any questions.

After the drill we will have rotations throughout the specials block for all students to hear from the fire fighters about safety, ride on the trucks, and take a turn at blasting the fire hose!


HERE is the fall fest schedule. If you have any other ideas about a fun craft to offer during the free time let me know...we could have that set up in the lodge.

We will be eating Picnic style as an entire group. Groups will find a spot and lunches will be boxed/bagged for each homeroom. Heather Hadley will create a class list for lunches. We will also need to know students that need another option due to allergies.

What's Happening This Week!

Monday: 10/10 Day 1

  • Rotary 12:00-1:00pm
  • IEP 3:30pm

Tuesday: 10/4 Day 2

  • 7:30 am Collaboration
  • 2:00pm Brenda O Mtg

Wednesday: 10/5 Day 3

  • Fire Drill
  • Fire Convo (This will happen during the specials block) Please walk students to the gym.
  • Collaboration at High School Auditorium 2:00 pm
  • Board Q&A Mtg 5:15pm

Thursday: 10/6 Day 4

  • 9:00am Mtg
  • Admin Mtg 2:00pm GCAB

Friday: 10/7 Day

  • Mtg w/ Tim 9:30 am

Professional Development Schedule & Link for Tuesdays

September & October Link to Professional Development Calendar

Here are all the dates for Tuesdays! Please use the link below to plug these into your calendars!

Tuesday Professional Development Schedule for the Year

Here's our link to the learning sessions! So many great one's to already choose from!

GCIS Learning Sessions Schedule

GCIS Information Hub

If you are looking for a doc, remember they are a click away! Happy Hunting!

Link to GCIS Information Hub