AVID Teacher Poster

What Is AVID?

AVID stands your Advancedment Via Individual determination. AVID is a class you can get involved with in middle school. The student has to apply by filling out an application to get in to AVID.

What Makes a Good AVID Student?

Being an AVID student takes a lot of work. To be a good AVID student you have to want to succeed! A good AVID student should keep up their grades, no lower than a C. Being an AVID student you want to set a good example for others especially younger students.

What Are The Requirements?

Being an AVID student you are required to keep your word on being a respectful student and that you understand that you will be kicked out of AVID if you have lower than a C on your mid term report. AVID students are required to have 5 cnotes done by every friday from your other classes. Students check grades every friday, and have a binder checks. The student will be graded on their tidiness of their binder.


WICOR stands for

Writing (Cornell notes, quick writes and reflections)

Inquiry (Tutorials, Discussions)


Organization (Binder, Time Management, Goal Setting, Planners)

Reading (Summarizing, Note Taking, Vocab, TRF)

Tutorial Request Form (TRF)

A TRF is a piece of paper you will fill out once a week on a problem or struggle you have in a class. With your TRF you will present in front of a mini-group and the people in your group will help you step by step so you understand it.

What We Do

AVID Schedule

Monday: Fill out a TRF to present

Tuesday: Do presentations on your TRF with your group and tutor

Wednesday: WICOR day

Thursday: Presentation day, if you did not present on Tuesday

Friday: 5 Cnotes are due and teachers will check your grades and binder.


If you stay in AVID throughout high school, you automatically get to fill out an application for the UofI on Campus. And sometimes they give you scholarships for colleges. AVID helps you keep your grades up and prepares you for college. So it is very important you are on top of your game. You also get to keep a laptop that they give you if you stay in AVID throughout high school!