Grease 2014

Modern Recast for a Classic Film

Casting Directors

Hannah Hall and Scott Smith

Zac Efron as Danny Zuko

Why is Zac the best choice?


Troy Bolton in "High School Musical" ("1", 2006) ("2", 2007) ("3", 2008)

Link Larkin in "Hairspray" (2007)

Mike O'Donnell in "17 Again" (2009)

Relevance- Had several roles as high school students, similarly angsty characters. Clear success as a singer in the HSM franchise and Hairspray.

Triple Threat Score-

Singing: 8

Dancing: 8

Acting: 8

High School Musical 2 - Bet On It (Full HD 1080p)

Dianna Agron as Sandy Olsen

Why is Dianna the best choice?


Quinn Fabray in "Glee" (2009-2014)

Sarah Hart in "I am Number Four" (2011)

Natalie in "Burlesque" (2010)


Dianna grew up dancing, starting at the age of three. She also spent much of her time on stage in musical productions as a child. When she was older she won a role on Glee as a high school student, and has received critical praise for her work. She ventured into larger films, like Burlesque, and worked along major pop stars.

Triple Threat Score-

Singing: 7

Dancing: 6

Acting: 8

GLEE - Come See About Me (Full Performance) (Official Music Video)