Neoprene Koozies

Neoprene Koozies - A Fashionable and cheap Party Favor

Ever thought just what can koozies are? Maybe you have also got word of them ashuggie and coozie, can cooler, beer hugger, sleeve and maybe a good stubby holder. By reading this maybe you are assuming unless you know already these particular have something connected with a canned beverage and keeping it cool. These great little contraptions were initially developed to keep a can of beer cold, although similar items were made for larger products back into the early 1900s.

Can koozies are normally foam insulators which will keep ones beverage cool. Inside the earlier days, foam was the first material they had been manufactured from; however, newer technology now uses polyester and neoprene. The little gadget is usually a cylinder shape and he has a hole at the bottom in order to avoid a vacuum effect. They now are available in many styles and shapes. A really best and popular seller is recognized as collapsible koozies. A few of this model actually features a zipper integrated, to give it time to fit nearly every size can also to have a snug fit.

Koozies are mainly known for use with cans and to keep beverages cold, however, also, they are created to fit nicely around water bottles along with other bottle types which includes beer bottles. Beer huggers may also be but not only designed to keep a beverage cold (although it is the main usage), they can also be used to maintain something warm.

Lots of individuals employ them for promotional purposes, party favors and in some cases as souvenirs. Just yesterday my son brought home two can koozies that happen to be the same shape as a basketball jersey coming from a local professional sporting event; it turned out the teams colors of white and green and they are generally imprinted to resemble a jersey. They really are highly affordable as opposed to many other promotional items,. That's the reason why these one more great souvenir or offer item.

You can discover quite a number of designs, colors, shapes, fabrics and designs online. It is possible to usually order those to meet your particular criteria if you are developing a party or would like to give some away to be a promotional item. You can find several folks that just order low minimum koozies, that they then want to offer or maybe even to keep for own use.

Now that you know exactly what those little foam items are, you should consider giving can koozies into your guests to your next cookout, or provide them with for a souvenir for your family reunion, or as a party favor. Koozies are meant to please everyone. For more information about can coolers follow the link.