What's Cooking at Combs

Just a pinch of the great things we see...

Ingredients of Success...

  • Kids building Merry Go Rounds!
  • Singing and Dancing to an African Folk Song
  • Heard while playing a game in PE: "Think about your strategy.” “Don’t give up. Persevere.”
  • Finishing a multimedia piece of flower art. Children explaining it was in the style of Hunterwasser
  • Guided Reading and stations in full effect!
  • Using a "Quiet Signal" for redirection
  • A 5th grader explained, "We just finished a book called One Grain of Rice where the rice doubled everyday; we are doing the math to see how many grains we would have to give on the 30th day. Other students working on clipboard math; the teacher was working with students
  • Students working on matching text clues with inferences; guided reading groups in effect
  • Students “going shopping” for books
  • Student celebration for filling the “personal best bucket”
  • 3rd graders were modeling & talking about detailed descriptions in writing journals
  • Using LEGO Build-to-Express to build a model that shows the needs of a plant

Instructional Rounds are in full swing!

Curriculum Nights were a huge success!

Thank you for making all of our families feel welcome at our annual Curriculum Night! Your classroom activities kept all families engaged!
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