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Love is in the Air

Finding Love, Relationship and Partnership Psychic Readings

You Deserve Love – You are loveable!

The Universe is cheering you on in your quest for great love by letting you know that you deserve it. As a Being of Light, you are naturally a loving and loveable person. You have the right to be treated with kindness and respect by everyone in your life. If you have had harsh life experiences, you may have blamed yourself and felt unworthy of receiving affection. Be assured that you do deserve it!

Whether you are single, in a relationship or looking for love, the Universe is amass with opportunities and open doors allowing you to attract loving people, relationships, and circumstances.

Through the guidance of Spirit and the Romance Angels, these Readings will open you to a world of divine love, relationships and energy. You definitely deserve that!

Psychic Spirit Readings - With International Psychic Mediums Matt Gibbs & Leanne Howell

True love always exists in the light!
Wrongs forgotten with lessons learnt,
Every living being unique and unconditionally loved,
In the silence of your darkest of days, remember, spirit will always light your path.





I hope that you are all well?

Such a busy week for me, but lovely to see the sun shining here in my part of the UK.

Blessed to have had so many people both new and old cross my path this week. Many troubled by the energy of the Mercury Retrograde. Remain grounded and focused, these are turbulent times but now with the New Moon, Retrograde will clear by 11th June.

Now is the time for planning, but not major decision making. Remain calm, magnesium baths aplenty to sooth and restore!

I have spent much time healing this week, something that I enjoy immensely and am so humbled to have been chosen for. If you would like me to include you, family or friends, please do put your names on my Healing Book post that you can find on my Facebook Page (link above).

A few thanks from me - My Admin Team that drives my Facebook Group - We are approaching 6000 Members now and this is the place where it all started online. You are all amazing and I am so blessed to have you all part of this with me.

My Members, Followers, fellow Mediums and Readers - We grow so much each day as a Spiritual Family. Our energy and light together is amazing. We were all brought together by Spirit to share light and love. I am humbled to be part of this with you all.

Lastly to someone who has brought much light and guidance in to my life recently and who has been helping me structure and organise as things grow internationally - Gemma McLean. You are amazing and I am so blessed to have you in my life.

Have a great weekend all!

Bright Blessings, Love and Light!